Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Favourite Chemistry Lesson

         Ever had someone scramble your brain with just one look?
                                            Of course you have. *

Okay, there's really no way to skirt around this.  The piece I've written below was inspired by a book I've been reading on sexual psychophysiology (one of my Christmas presents from Sandy).  Amongst other more descriptive chapters it covers the body and mind's chemical reactions to sex and love.  Makes me wish we could take a trip inward; there are lots of colours and fireworks we're missing out on.

My Favourite Chemistry Lesson

Eyes lock across a room
Two entwine in silent dance,
Chemistry at a glance.

Embrace with this attraction,
Brain synapses fire
In neurological reaction.

Colours fill your eyes,
Blur your mind as you hold close.
The rush, flushed skin exposed.

Longing, aching, trembling
Until release leaves you warm
In its most primal and purest form.

  Intellectual property copyright Barry O'Shea.  All rights reserved.
*Photo credit: "Disturbed Synapses" by waugh 2004-2009. 
All rights reserved.Link here


  1. You never fail to impress me. I love this poem. It shows the science behind sex but also doesn't take the mystery or excitement away from it. :)

    PS. Um, I already decided a LONG time ago that if I was ever in your neck of the woods (or, just basically anywhere in Canada) I would be visiting you & Sandy. Obviously if you are in the Kansas City area (haha) I would die if I didn't see you. (I don't have a spare bedroom...but I know all the cheap good hotels nearby). (Wait, that didn't sound good. I meant I know about them b/c I have friends who visit. Lol). ;)

  2. Fabulous... I LOVE it. You talked about sex in a very scientific way. Genius! I bow to you Barry.

  3. Su-u-u-u-re Jen, of course you've never been to the cheap hotels yourself. What goes on in that good-girl mind...oh wait sorry, that's another poem. It's okay, your secret is safe with us. *wink*

    Y'know, I really do have a feeling we'll all hook-up one day. (I don't mean hook-up in the cheap-hotel sense, more of the kinda "Hey it's good to finally meet you" kinda way). Phew.

    Thanks for your words about my poem Miss Fab, it means a lot to me as always. :)

  4. Well, I thought I left a comment, bumped a key...when I came back to this page..it was gone. Ugh. ANYway, very nicely inspirational writing. I believe I had asked you if you were glad that Sandy got you that book?! :D Hee

  5. Leah, wow that's awesome! My first bow. After sucking all the emotion and most of the passion out of what can be a very loving act and presenting it in a clinical way. Yup, that's me.

    I wonder what would happen if I wrote it as intensely as I really wanted to. On second thought...nah. :)

    Thanks Leah, you're sweet.

  6. Sophia, that's hilarious! I just did that in my reply to Leah.

    Thanks for the compliment about the poem.

    Yes, I'm very glad Sandy got this book for me (Why Women Have Sex). Since the beginning of the year I had been looking for something on the psychology and physiology of sex, particularly as experienced by women. When I discovered this I knew it was what I was looking for.

    It's a tremendous read.

  7. What an impressive present if it made you write poetry :) Did you share it with Sandy? If not then I think you should, she will definitely appreciate it :)

  8. Betty, the very subject of the book inspires me. There is a lot of poetry in sex and love.

  9. I'm a very factual person. I have my emotional side but I love chemistry. I think it works wonders whether people want to acknowledge it or not. When your sitting next to someone & your bodies just lean over to talk to each other its not just the way the table is..its the chemistry of love. I love this poem. It's so true. I love the chemistry of love. =)

  10. Barry, I'm kinda OC too. I was waiting for you New Year's post to greet you properly. I know you have one. Hahaha! I know you so well. xoxo