Sunday, December 6, 2009


Life is full of defining moments that ebb and flow into one another.  Throughout our lives we move in and out of phases, ups and downs, likes and dislikes.  Relationships come and go, strengthening or weakening over time.  And in the end we can say what was or what wasn't, yet seemingly we can never point out with certainty the precise moment when these things changed.

How can passion that burns so strong be reduced to a faded colour on a lover's mood ring?  At what point does a walk hand-in-hand become a lonely stroll alone down once-familiar streets, kicking up dust of ghosts and memories?  At what point does affection turn to friendship, friendship to love? When does the joy we receive from those we meet become greater than the pain of those we've lost touch with?

These transitions are often imperceptible. We're rarely conscious of the moment we visit regret for the last time and close the door for good, tearing away the rear view mirror and only looking ahead.  When does it finally sink in that the love of those around us here and now is worth so much more than memories of those who shunned us in the past?  At what exact moment did we decide to turn our dream into action, or set it free to fly upon the wind as a soon-forgotten wish?  When does the spark from a stolen glance intercepted across a room ignite to flame, to be recounted years later as a shared memory?



  1. So many questions...and the answers are all in our hearts. Though I wouldn't want all those questions answered...or else life wouldn't be fun at all. I chose to live each day, one day at a time and let my heart answer the question that I'm facing for the day.

    Have a great week ahead Barry!

  2. It's funny i asked this question to myself yesterday. I was walking the same streets I did with my ex holding his arm in NYC laughing not even less than a month ago with him and this time I was alone, cold, & in the rain. I asked my mom today what changed? I stayed the same...he didnt. But i do know the moment that he changed long ago. The day I feel in love with him was the same day he fell out of love with me. Sometimes you can tell the transistion with a look. That's how I could tell. I just choose to ignore the look but it was there. Well now its on to my next transistion. Great post. Absolutely great.

  3. hey barry,

    I have been dying under the weight of work....

    but the answer to your question: never. never will happen if you are aware of it...


  4. I fell in love with your post..

    I keep wondering sometimes how and when did I start changing..I know what triggered the change but I can't point out how and when I actually started tarnsforming...
    Life is sooo mysterious, but I believe it's all part of it's beauty.

  5. These are painful questions. Well, in some ways.
    What if no matter how hard you try, you can't transition? Or you transition into a place where you feel hollow? How do you transition out of that? I don't know.
    I wish life came with an instruction manual.

  6. great post and so so true. i think the hard part isn't looking back and trying to find that moment when things changed but in knowing that you can't go back and change it. it is what it is... the hard part is moving forward.

  7. Awesome post Bear. you never cease to amaze me with your writing.
    I am very proud of you.
    And congrats on the Sugar Doll aware LOL