Monday, December 28, 2009

Hmm, What to Write?


I'm in the mood to write a short story or vignette.  But I'm not sure of the theme, so I'm looking for ideas.  What type of storyline would you like to see, and what style? Safe and conservative?  Racy and edgy? Thought-provoking?  What kind of characters?

I could go anywhere with this.  Any suggestions?


  1. A girl who is totally confused about everything to do in life. Failure. Miserable.
    What you can do with the character is totally up to you. :)

  2. Racy and edgy is interesting.

  3. Nahl, you're from Pakistan? It's so great to hear from you! I've spoken with many women who feel they fall into the category you describe (although I would definitely not consider any of them failures). That's a great suggestion, I'd certainly have a lot to draw from.

    Leah, how racy and edgy are you thinking of?

  4. I think that anything you write would automatically be thought provoking. That is the type of writer that you seem to be, no matter the format or content.

    I love that illustration. How perfect. I have had that feeling way too many times!!

  5. I agree with Style Artisan!
    Whatever you write is gonna be enjoyable and thought go ahead and entertain us:-D

  6. Edgy and racy! Thought-provoking is just a given when it comes to your writing though. :) I would like to see some humor incorporated too if possible because you are hilarious! Good luck. I can't wait to read what you come up with!

  7. I vote for something thought provoking, preferably something that provokes happy thoughts :)As for the character, how about an 87 year old granny about to start blogging about latest fashion trends in her "We are ladies who like to drink tea" weekly club? Just kidding, but will come back to check what kind of story you end up with :)

  8. Something that's loosely based on a personal experience so we get to know you a little better through your characters...

  9. Do you ever people watch Barry? I'd say go to a mall or sit on a park bench & see if anyone inspires you & imagine them as your character. Sometimes you'll see a heated argument on the phone, see a lil kid trying to get away from their parents, see a couple having a kiss. Maybe that'll inspire you?

    Oh I loved your last comment!! I think there are trains that go to Canada. I'm thinking of taking a trip to Montreal or Quebec later in the new year. If I do, I'll totally let you two know! =)

  10. Diane and Bassi, thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Jen, you remind me that I haven't written anything based on humour lately. I'll have to do something about that soon. Yours is the second vote for edgy and racy. I can definitely work in that style, the tricky part is scaling back the raciness. :)

    Betty, I dunno...I'm much more in tune with the twenty-somethings than the eighty-somethings. You made me laugh! :)

    Cindy, hmm...never thought of that.

    Melanie, I people-watch here all the time! Blogs are the best character-studies around, there are many fascinating people on these sites.
    If you take a trip up here, we really should try to meet up. As I said earlier, if you can swing a visit to Toronto Sandy and I have a spare guest room we can put you up in for a couple nights. No joke. :)
    That goes for Miss Fabulous too if we can ever get her up here. You listening Jen?