Friday, December 25, 2009

So...what did you do for the holidays?


Hi everybody,

Hope you've all had a Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah or a great Kwanzaa!  We had planned to go to visit my Sister-in-law and her family up North, but Sandy's been home sick for the past few days so we stayed put.  Today's been quieter than expected but we've made the best of it.

We started the day with bacon, cinnamon rolls and icing, a tradition that Sandy's family always observed and I've been happy to see continue.  After breakfast we opened our gifts.  We don't get too carried away with presents for Christmas; we do give presents to the kids but instead of an exchange between the adults we donate to two of our favourite charities each year. 

Our little sumthin' for each other was a fashion/style book for Sandy (In Style), and a heatable pad for whatever part of the body needs it.  It has nice little pockets to keep the feet toasty!  She bought me two cozy sweaters that will go well with other items in my wardrobe (does it sound strange to hear a guy say that?).  She also pulled a suggestion from my wish list and bought me a book on sexual psychophysiology (Why Women Have Sex), an extensive survey conducted by two premier psychologists in the US.  It's a fascinating read, I may post a review in the future if there's interest.

Once the gifts were opened we settled in for latte in front of the fireplace reading our books; Sandy with her new warmer, I with my hot water bottle.  Christmas music on the stereo, cats in our laps.  Cheese and crackers, veggies and dip.  It was so cozy. That's been our day, pretty relaxing.  Sandy's slowly getting better, I take comfort knowing we don't have to be anywhere for a while so she can rest up.  We're going to have dinner shortly and settle in to watch something. 

I hope you've all spent the day with loved ones. For those of you struggling (and I know a few of you are) I'm thinking of you especially.

So, how did you celebrate?  And what did you get for Christmas? 



  1. Hi Barry! It's just great that you were able to spend quiet time alone with Sandy and the kitties.

    How did we celebrate? We went to my dad's place to have lunch and dinner with my whole family. All my brothers and sisters with their families were there. I think I stuffed myself too much that I may not eat until the New Year.

  2. Belated merry christmas Barry to u and ur little family:)
    Glad to hear you had a nice and peaceful holiday with your loved ones.

  3. "we settled in for latte in front of the fireplace reading our books; Sandy with her new warmer, I with my hot water bottle. Christmas music on the stereo, cats in our laps. Cheese and crackers, veggies and dip."

    I think you just described my idea of a perfect day. That is a day spent in heaven, if you ask me. I'm so sorry to hear Sandy's sick. I'm sure you're taking very good care of her.

    God I've missed your blog. I came on here thinking I'd come out with a smile on my face, but I got more than I had anticipated. You ray of sunshine, you. :)

    I hope you had a wonderful time. And many more happy days to come, Barry. <3

  4. First, the little guy opened his presents here. Then we went to Cara's Grandparents for a bit, then went to her mom's house and visited there, had some yummy treats and some Christmas Spirits, and yummy Christmas dinner. Got a Chapters gift card (Yay!!) and some gift cards for groceries (Awesome). And today, I'm picking up Sarah, to stay a few days.

  5. Leah, that's great that you were able to spend family time. :)

    Bassi, thanks for your well-wishes. Whatever you're doing right now I hope this finds you in good health and happiness.

    Mae, although plans did change it was still a nice day. And yes I'm playing nurse to Sandy (I've just brought her breakfast and I have the kettle on for some tea). It's great to see you here again, I've missed you as well.

    Tony, I'm glad we had a chance to chat last night. Hope you guys have a great time with Sarah!

  6. Sounds like you had a fantastic and cozy Christmas. :) I'm envious.

    I was snowed in at my parents house for two nights in a row due to a horrible blizzard. It was traumatizing. Dial up internet and no cell service. I got drunk both nights and had massive hangovers. Christmas was filled with screaming and bitterness.
    My birthday is tomorrow and I am NOT looking forward to that. I just want 2010 to be here.

    That was sad. Sorry. :(

  7. Barry Christmas!!!

    Get it get it?

    Christmas was sorta alright... I just wrote about it. Maybe I'm expecting an honest good, sweet time and somehow it rarely works out that way. Everyone is stressing about food and presents and who knows what else. Anyway, I'm looking forward to a better holiday next year much like yours and Sandy's with lots of peace and quiet and hopefully a cat or two on my lap. I really want one:) I did get a gorgeous Japanese tea set which I've been wanting for a while... that was a very nice surprise!

  8. Thank you for your wonderful comments, Barry!! I'm so glad that you and Sandy had a nice holiday!

    I mainly spent the day in the kitchen helping to cook for the family; but it was nice to relax for a change!! :)

  9. With our respective kids at their other parents' homes, we started off the day at Waffle House, stuffing ourselves with all of those yummy, fatty foods that can send you to an early grave, but are totally worth the risk! The day went downhill after that, with cleaning out my closet being my highest priority.

    Your day sounds like heaven in comparison. I'm glad that Sandy is getting better and has such an attentive caregiver!

    As for your fashion comments, it just shows that our fashion blogs are giving you a good education on building a wardrobe.

    Is the book that you got the one that explains the 237 reasons that women have sex? Not 236, or 238, but 237. Who knew? Not me. Personally, I have lost count over the years! ;)

  10. Jennifer, I'm sorry to hear that. Knowing the situation, I feel for you hon.

    Cindy, Barry Christmas haha! Yes, I think we're all looking forward to a nice Christmas next year. You need a cat. :)

    Cafe Fashionista, you're welcome. Glad you had some chill-time.

    Style Artisan, well what the heck, relaxing time is always nice right?

    The book does make mention of 237 different reasons given for women having sex but doesn't (at least so far) list them all. It's a great read, a real eye-opener even for some women I've spoken to about it. I find myself increasingly interested in the field of sexual psychology, makes me wish I had pursued it as a career when investing all those years in education.

  11. I just posted about my Christmas! I hope you had a much better night...

  12. That sounds like a wonderful Christmas. We went and visited our families and then when to see Sherlock Holmes - it was nice and relaxing