Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Right Now


Right now a young couple is trembling nervously in the back seat for the first time.
Right now someone is taking his last breath.
Right now she’s picking up the groceries she just dropped.
Right now someone's had a bad car accident.
Right now a girl is brushing herself off and getting back on her bicycle.
Right now you’ve temporarily forgotten about that big bill you’re wondering how to pay.
Right now a life has been created.
Right now she's wondering if she should reveal how she feels about him.
Right now he’s just proposed. She's thinking about it.
Right now the sun has set over the Great Barrier Reef and we missed it because we're at our computer.

  Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, every imaginable aspect of life is unfolding all around us. It’s relentless and our opinions or excuses won’t change it. Right now something could happen that will affect your life forever. Will you be ready when it happens?  Will you be able to say that you’ve lived as you planned to, as you want to, or have at least taken steps in that direction?

Call that person you’ve been afraid to. Write the story you’ve been meaning to get around to “some day”. Tell that someone how much they mean to you.  Take a chance and stretch out of your comfort zone.

Because right now is all we have.


  1. Right here, right now.
    It's now or never.
    Sadly many of us realize this too late that they have wasted so much time in contemplating and thinking about tomorrow without living today.And some STILL refuse to take this step of living for the day and taking a chance on life!
    Thanks for the reminder, Barry!
    (love love reading your posts!)

  2. Barry, I just did... right here, right now. I don't want to wake up tomorrow with regrets in my heart that I was not able to do what I've been meaning to do today.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    PS. I have a blog give-away. I know Sandy will want those items.

  3. Time goes by so fast.

    And thanks for reminding me about my giant credit card bill I have to pay this week. LOL!

    Another amazing post from you. :) I think there was a documentary on this subject, which I read about but never saw. It showed what happened in different parts of the world at the exact same time, just to show how vast and amazing and different we all are. Have you seen it? I wish I could remember the name...

  4. I wish I could tell certain people in my daily life what I truly want to tell them. I'm ready right now, but they aren't ready to hear my answer. So right now I just gotta let it go.

    Great point Barry & excellent post!

  5. Thanks everyone, great points-of-view! :)