Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Distance


Good to hear your voice tonight
Was never sure if we'd be here again,
Exchanging words,
Making plans.
Nothing said that's put us any further ahead,
But certainly less behind
Than when silence last fell between us.
Too many times to count.

Life brings with it
Harsh realities
When a boy begins to see the world
Through his own eyes
And realizes
They're no longer shared
With the man whose hand he once held.

I know one day
When you take your last breath
And gaze at me with the sun
Setting in your eyes
I'll wish I had done more,
You had done more,
That we had done more
To close this distance between us.
All we have is now
To lessen those regrets.

Why do I sometimes find it easier
To hold the heart
Of one a thousand miles away
Than that of one
I've known a lifetime?


  1. the one youve known a lifetime is very familiar. you know when its hurt, and when it needs to be held. and of you hurt it, you know if youll be forgiven.
    that of one a thousand miles away is very new. and very fragile, maybe. so you take extra precautions when holding it.