Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Official, I'm A Facebook Newbie

Okay so after being asked a bazillion times if I'm on FB I've finally given into this tool of the devil and joined.

 I'm a virgin (in Facebookland anyway) so it's taking me some time to get it all set up. The main issue I'm having is getting my 'wall' active; it doesn't seem to be allowing messages for some reason. So if you've confirmed me as a friend and tried to drop me a line bear with me, I'm not ignorong you.

Really, would I ever do that??


  1. Oh NO not you too!!! Barry .... come back,, stay away ..... do not there... HHL

  2. sweet - now i can stalk you kids properly.

  3. You & Sany have joined?? Oooo I will totally be adding you two guys!!! =)

  4. Barry - FYI - I've started Hope to Dream back up and put up a new post today. Please put a note under the icon to email for access to the site.