Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guest Photo Feature No. 4

Just a reminder, I'm taking submissions for random photo features on my blog. See here for more info. I hope you'll participate! Today's entry comes from Lauryn at Laureality.

Last year I wrote, "Through the photographer we see not what catches their eye, but what captures their heart." I wasn't familiar with Lauryn at the time but it seems so appropriate, I've always loved the way her photos convey emotion. Drop by and check her out sometime.

In her words:

"For as long as I can remember I've always had a love for photography. I could stare at it for hours on end and before owning my own camera would sit and imagine different ways to compose a shot. To this day I still tend to see the world through an imaginary lens, always looking for the best angle. While photography has always been something that's interested me, it's also become increasingly personal. As a daughter, a friend, a girlfriend, and the other roles I've played in my life I've always been eager and willing to give my heart away and lay it all on the line. However, when it comes to photography I've been hesitant to really put myself out there. The idea of referring to myself as a "photographer" has been scary. It's like the child that I want to protect from a world of judgement, but isolating beauty is no way to live.  

I've decided that I need to really take a look at what photography means to me and learn from that. Whether I have the honor of capturing a couple recently engaged, or one saying their vows, a family, or freshly planted flowers, everything that my camera sees is life at its best, which to me is love. The next step is having as much appreciation for the person behind the camera as I do for that which is in front of it."

Lauryn thanks so much for your photos! Who's next?


  1. Thanks for the feature Barry! It's fun to see my photos somewhere other than my own hard drive :)

  2. lauryn: beautiful pictures. you have a different eye for things.
    Barry, great idea. thx for sharing

  3. Awesome photos! :)

    PS. Barry, I can see your blog now! Holy crap it's been forever. I love the new layout. Very awesome. :)

    I am using my first day of wireless to reply to all followers and commenters in the past few months and it's taking waaay longer than I expected. One word of advice for bloggers: never get behind. Just. Never. Sigh. Faint.