Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Timeless (poem)


Tears on your window from saddened skies
Seek quiet refuge in your eyes,
As lanterns filled with fireflies
Bring light this dreary day denies.

No longer gripped in passion's throes
Wondering where the rapture goes,
Mind drifts to misty long agos
When romance lived beyond the rose.

I'll sing you tales of maidens fair
With strands of sunlight in their hair,
Forever bathed in golden rays
Warmed by summer's yesterdays.

Playfully chased through billowed field
Each feigned protest artfully revealed,
With chivalrous advance their fate lay sealed
And love's sweet innocence sworn to yield.

It's grandeur of these days you seek
Forever's tears upon your cheek,
Flames rage within your wild heart still
Though tightly grasped in winter's chill.

As shadows play rest heavy eyes
Lost in Gothic lullabies,
Where longing for what's lost subsides
And your knight in shining armour rides.

~Barry O'Shea Registered & Protected

Photo credit here. Ice Maiden by ChrissieCool. 2007-2010.


  1. (tears streaming)

    Did you write this?!?! Wow!

  2. Thanks girls. I did write it Sophia, the fact that you'd ask is a huge compliment! I just added my name to it at the bottom now.

  3. Well Barry O, That is a beautiful poem.Very welll compsosed. I enjoyed that.

  4. Love the words and how they flow...beautiful ;"}