Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Real-Life Blogger Meet!

                                 If you think this is good you should see the breakdancing hippos

So my prayers of one day meeting a blogging friend in real-life have finally come true. This past Sunday, Sandy and I met HHL from High Heeled Life and Mr. G. They brought a couple bottles of wine and a dozen donuts, which we munched on while sipping on Sandy’s almost world-famous latte.

We talked into the evening for almost five hours, sharing stories of circumstances that changed our lives. It was one of the most amazing, intense conversations I’ve had in some time; the story of how HHL and G. were brought together left Sandy and I speechless at times. Like, f'real. If you’ve ever doubted some things happen for a reason or that there are external forces at work shaping our lives, I encourage you to drop by her blog and read her story. It’s one of tragedy and determination, hope, love and triumph. Truly inspiring.

To HHL and Mr. G, I want to tell you both how fortunate I feel to know you. Your strength and courage amaze me, especially after talking face-to-face. I hope this is the beginning of what proves to be a long friendship.


  1. How cool!!! Glad ya'll had a great time! Mmmmm donuts. :)

  2. Barry.. it was wonderful meeting you and Sandy..your warm welcome and our conversation was like we were already friends of many years (perhaps in a past life time) we look forward to your visit to the country!!! hugs.. HHL

    P.S. I'm getting to my emails ~ will be responding soon...

  3. barry that sounds so warm. and HHL has just confirmed my feeling that you and sandy are a very warm people, who give an instant feeling of being comfortable to be with.
    i know the first "meeting" moments of strangers yet friends. we expereinced it here in egypt when couple of bloggers decided to meet for the first time.
    wonderful post, welcoming and warm nature as ever, but still you never fail to surprise me with your posts :)