Sunday, August 8, 2010

Let's See Your Photos!

 Over the past year an increasing number of you have shown an interest in photography.  Last week, in a moment when I should have had my mind on work-related things (yeah I'm a slacker), I came up with the following idea for a post...

   E-mail me your favourite photos to barrysquotations(at)gmail(dot)com. They have to be ones you've taken yourself.  Please include a little something with each photo as to why it has meaning to you, what you like about it.  I'll feature the submissions in an upcoming post, credit you for the picture(s) and link back to your blog. Could bring some new visitors to your site. 

  I've decided to increase the number of submissions I'll be using. If I get several from you I'll do a dedicated post showing your work. (I may have to select some if the number received is too great).

  Your photos don't have to be of professional quality, I'll take anything as long as it has some significance to you.  This isn't a contest, more of a gallery showing.  There is no timeframe to submit, I'll take them any time between now and the day I'm too old to see my keyboard.

  Anyone from regular readers to first-time visitors are welcome to participate.  C'mon guys, flood my inbox.  I hope to see your pictures soon!



  1. What a fantastic idea!!! I will see what I can come up with... Cheers my friend..HHL

  2. This sounds like fun. Let me look through mine. You might have to remind me! Ugh

  3. Love it! You know I'm going to participate in this one :)

  4. I love this idea Barry! I may have to find some photography skills when I go on my mini vacation this weekend...

    Is there a date you want the submissions by?

  5. I think this is an excellent idea! I'm looking forward to seeing the featured work. I'll have to peer through my photo archives this weekend to see what I can find to send to you. And, with regards to your comment on my blog about taking a day off for blog reading, I have to say I'm envious that you have that luxury. I find blog reading to be infinitely relaxing and inspiring. I'm actually headed over to check out your other blog now! Hope you enjoyed your blog day.

  6. oooh... okay!! I'd love to be a part of this! Let me show you glimpses of Sydney...