Monday, August 23, 2010

What My Tiny Man-Brain Has Learned...

-some of the most valuable things you'll learn in life will be from those half your age

-people who seem to be so much better off are struggling just as much as you are

-the older you get, the more you realize how much you still have to learn

-even if you never have children of your own, at some point you'll feel like a parent to somebody

-at various times in your life you'll meet people and have conversations you never would have expected, and will never forget

-some of the most meaningful relationships are those that are hardest to define

- maturity isn't found in age or experience nearly as much as in attitude

-never belittle anything that someone is passionate about

- you can never make somebody do what's best for them, but if they won't take your advice don't take it personally. Chances are someday after they've learned that lesson someone won't listen to them either.

-you'll never grow by making all the right decisions

-you can never have too many x's and o's in a letter or e-mail

-if you don't keep an open, adventurous mind you'll close yourself off to some of the greatest experiences you'll ever have

Each day is like ice cream my friends.  Devour it before it melts, but make sure to savour it along the way.


  1. Very well said. I agree with everything here. Someone much smarter and prettier than me points this stuff out to me almost daily. Especially the observation about people seemingly more well off than ourselves.

  2. I love ice cream! :)
    I like your new header. Holler to #1 on this list haha

  3. Great "pondering" material Barry.

  4. This is a pretty good list, Barry. I like the fact that your posts always gives us something to think about. I appreciate that about you.

    Hope you have a good Tuesday!

  5. These thoughts are along the same line as a conversation I had recently. And I agree with every word. I especially like your ice cream analogy - we don't always get the same opportunity once it has passed our way... nicely written.


  6. Wonderful thoughts!

  7. a wonderful post as usual, barry.
    i like this part very much. it is very true
    maturity isn't found in age or experience nearly as much as in attitude

  8. I love this! I definitely agree with the parent thing. I feel like a parent every day at work! lol. But all kidding aside, I completely agree with this list. I can't imagine a life without learning!

  9. thanks for these precious lessons barry! loving the new look too!

  10. love these thoughts to ponder, barry! thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow, were you reading MY MIND!? lol