Saturday, August 14, 2010


For someone who had courage to unfurl her sails.


The heart is a ship.
Moored safely in port
It encounters neither danger nor adventure,
Biding time until sun awakens over clear waters.
With bearings plotted it embarks,
Certain of the course to be taken.
But storms lurk
On horizons yet uncharted,
Seas will swell
And toss this frail craft about.

Point your sails into a wind
That steers around the storm,
The brightest star
Calling from darkened skies
Will cast its light upon your bow
To show the way.

And when the winds have died
And your heart is left adrift
A friend will fill your sails
And guide the rest of the way
Until your safe return
To harbour. Registered & Protected
Photo credit.


  1. It's beautiful. It's hard for me to express what it means to me in words.

  2. Love:)

    My sails are up in the wind and let's see where I end up. So far.... so good.