Saturday, August 21, 2010

Guest Photo Feature No. 2

Just a reminder, I'm taking submissions for random photo features on my blog. See here for more info. I hope you'll participate!

Today I'm featuring photos from two bloggers. Sophia from Blue Chair Diary has been an inspiration of strength for me over the past year, having overcome tremendous adversity in her life. She continues to fight with courage and a smile.  Be sure to drop by and say hi, I know she'd love to hear from you. It was a pleasant surprise to find she shares my love of barns. In Sophia's words: 

"I LOVE barns and always have since I was a little girl. I love the feeling of freedom that barns give me inside. These barns are particularly my favourite as they are a symbol of healing for me. I took these about a month or so after my major liver surgery. I survived!  :) "

Thanks for your submissions Sophia!  <3

Next up is Dina from Dina's Days (Dina hails from Aqaba, Jordan).  For those of you into fashion I recommend stopping by her blog,  she's up to date on current trends and the photos are first-rate.

I love that my Middle East readers are able to contribute and show this part of the world to the rest of us.  In her words...

"This photo was also taken in Jordan, but in Petra. Petra has been officially named one of the Wonders of the World. I met this young girl, who told me she was pulled out of the 1st grade by her father to sell rocks to the tourists in Petra. They live in tents, and make a living by selling anything they can to those who visit Petra including rocks and jewelry."

"Here's one of my favorite pictures from when I visited my hometown in Jordan. This was taken in Aqaba, Jordan which is the most southern part of the country. This city feels like 2 completely different worlds. One half is all tourists, lounging on a breathtaking beach. While on the other side, the locals struggle to make it by. Here, 2 locals sell vegetables out of their trucks on the side of the road. This photo and my trip will always be special to me!"

Thanks for this Dina!

Who's next?...........


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  2. LOve the pictures, THe barn pictures remind me of a happy childhood for some reason lol...

  3. Thank you for featuring me, Barry. What a very nice write-up. I'm honoured to know you. :)

  4. What an interesting subject! I'm sure each barn has it's own unique personality and history. Love it!