Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Guest Photo Feature No. 3

Just a reminder, I'm taking submissions for random photo features on my blog.  See here for more info. I hope you'll participate!

Today's entry comes from Marisa at "..or so i feel". Her love of literature and quotations first drew me to her blog, but it's the openness in her posts that's kept me coming back. Drop by and pay her a visit, I'm sure she'd appreciate it. 

In her words:

"These are from my 1st Anniversary Trip with my husband to Maine in 2008. I LOVE Maine and would move there tomorrow if my husband said the word. I love the ocean, the smells in the air,the history, the people... I could go on and on..."

"This was taken in Kennebunkport, Maine. We were driving down the main drag and I saw this building so happily situated between the most beautiful trees. The leaves were so brilliant and the message just made me swell with pride to be an American."

"Taken in a small fishing Village of Bernard..... I wanted to stay there forever, buy lobster at the market and walk to the church on Sunday... bliss."

"Lobster boat... found everywhere of the coast in Bar Harbor or as the locals call it BAA-HAA BAH."

Thanks for your photos Marisa. Being half East-Coast myself (my mother was born in Nova Scotia), the photos of the harbour are very familiar to me.

Anyone else care to submit?  Don't make me come looking for you...  :)


  1. That first photo is just so incredibly beautiful. I wish I had it hanging on my wall. The colors remind me of the may trips to Vermont I took with my family as a kid. Beautiful, Marisa!! :)