Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party Pics

The party was amazing. There were some great costumes, plenty of food, booze and dancing. It was a great place to cut loose and have some fun...

Yours truly ("Big Pimpin' Mac Daddy-Style Big Heavy DJ Grand Flashmaster B")

Sandy (aka "Bambi", my ho)

Bambi workin' it. I'm in love.

Don't ask.

By the end of the night (or was it morning) I was wearing Sandy's wig.  I'm not sure why.

A belt
A rope
A banana
And a nurse's outfit.

God I love house parties.


  1. hahahah I love them...I'll post mines tomorrow. I have some work ones, but they wont be as risqué as the ones tonight..Hopefully I feel better to take some really nice ones...

    Tell Sandy I'm absolutely in love with the fishnets ;)

  2. Ha! Sounds like you all had a super duper time! :) Happy Punkin Day!

  3. Sandys legs are hot!!

    You guys are SOOOOOOOOOO funny!!

  4. You are crazy, and I love it.

    Your outfit is sooo big pimpin! I love the purple velvet.
    Looks like it's always a blast when you guy's are involved :)

  6. I remember these from facebook! :) You definitely had the coolest costume EVER!! You should dress like that all the time. Hahaha!