Monday, October 18, 2010

If You're Reading This I'd Like To Hear From You

Hi. No matter who you are or where you're from, please don't leave without telling all of us who you are and what your blog's about.  Let's blitz this post with comments from as many people as possible!


  1. Well, you know me, but my name is Rasha and you can find my blog here:
    I basically just blog about my life and everything that comes with it!


  2. I suppose it's a take it or leave it thing, with my blog, huh, Barry ;).
    Weightless, in all the aspects I can be.

    I suppose, as in Latin; Luctor Et Emergo.
    I struggle and I emerge.

  3. I'm Jennifer from Planet Lovetron and my blog is all business (mainly the monkey kind).

  4. I'm Menna,
    this is my blog

    i write and im not sure what that means!

  5. Hello! It's Vivi from Madrid, Spain! I have two blogs:

    Thanks Barry, this is a great idea!!


  6. I'm Shrouk,from Egypt
    i have two blogs
    i used to publish some of my short stories but i stopped writing any for years now so i mainly write about me struggling with the life i'm living or dreaming about a better one.
    most of posts are in Arabic but there are few in English...this is me inviting you to visit my blogs and hoping you would like them.
    i like quotations too :)

  7. I'm Ari from Alabama and I blog about my life and random hijinks at The Happy Cactus (

  8. My blog changes all the time!

    From Orange County to County Road

  9. I am dolly. I blog to confess all, to tell you who I really am because everyone thinks I am someone else.

  10. Hey everyone! I'm Sandy ... aka "the wife" lol
    you can find me at main focus is my journey to get healthy but there's always surprises. :)

  11. What's interesting is that I read the title of this post and looked at the image. i know you said to say what your blogs about and tell something that I'm sure is supposed to be interesting. But all I can really say is I was taken away by the image... balloons floating away, something free, a sunrise or sunset or just the earth changing and moving... and yes, I feel like this.

  12. am a girl who wants to change her part of the world aka Marwa.

    My blog is about the deep feelings I undergo in my life, its about the weird beliefs I embrace, and a weird situations I encounter. It's about the hidden me.

  13. Well now you already know what my blog is about! But hello anyway! Sorry I left our chat the other day, I had to go grab something downstairs and when I came back you were gone!

  14. Hey finally checking in. I've known Barry forever(at least since the mid '80's anyway). I've got two blogs, although I haven't posted too much lately.
    which is about my boring life, and some stuff I hope others will find interesting. And my blog about Canadian music featuring facts and videos of artists you may not realize are Canadian.

  15. I'm Jill from life after college.
    My blog is mainly about my life - daily happenings, music I like, and different photos every Friday! With an occasional poem or short story that I've written thrown in.

  16. Bonjour!

    I'm LadyM. My blog is about my life and random musings that pass through my mind from time-to-time.

    You can find me here. . .