Monday, January 23, 2012

Surrender (poem)



To feel the sway upon your hips
To be the drop that leaves your lips
To trace your curves
To split your seams,
To be the flesh that fills your dreams.

To dive into your deepest part
And break the glass around your heart,
To swim your secrets one by one
To catch you as you come undone.  

To feel my hands as they dig in
Beneath the fabric of your skin,
To fight daybreak's impending gloom
To cast love-shadows in your room.

To consume your will
To steal your breath
To lead you to your little death,
To put your fears upon the shelf
To close your eyes
And lose yourself. Registered & Protected


  1. Love it before I was even done reading it!!

  2. This is such a beautiful poem with such incredible imagery! Thank you for sharing this Barry!

  3. This poem evokes such strong and conflicting emotions in me. I've read it a few times with the same results.

    It's good, Barry.

  4. beautiful!! i love "to consume your will"

  5. So incredible and lovely. You can almost taste and feel each line. Fantastic. xxx

  6. Loved this, I like the darker side. X

  7. @ Caitlin, thanks. Somehow I don't think that's ever been much of a problem for you. ;)

    @ Ever, I appreciate this coming from you. Your poetry is fantastic!

    @ Mhairi, glad you liked it. xx

  8. This is a great poem Barry. :-)

    -Lissa xx

  9. I love love love it....beautifully sensous words....Hope you can write more poems.

    Have a good weekend ~

  10. @Lissa, Heaven, Shula, Em Thanks, I enjoyed writing it.