Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bloggers over Borders update

Hi everyone, just a quick update to let all of you know where we are with this project. To date there are twenty bloggers involved in five countries (Canada, USA, Egypt, UK and the Philippines).  The USA is represented by nine different States.

 I want to thank all of you who have signed up so far.  I'm still considerably short of target (I'm hoping to have at least 50 bloggers by February 5th), so please consider joining and/or spreading the word about this to those you know. The further this reaches the better.

I'm looking forward to setting this in motion.

Love you guys,


  1. This cool project deserves the participation of the entire community of bloggers. I will post about it tomorrow evening. I will also mention it on my twitter account. Let's get those 50 bloggers!!!

    Con aprecio,

  2. i'm sorry but i can't understand what you want really :$

    i clicked on the link & i found my self in site provide free Domains or some thing


  3. Gracias Aquiles!

    Safa, that link is just a photo credit. The link for Bloggers over Borders is at the top
    (clasped hands).

  4. I just surfed on to your blog & I am glad I did. Interesting man with an interesting outlook. I am glad to participate... & I will be back!

  5. I can't wait... the suspense is killing me. xoxo

  6. Good luck Barry!! This is such a cool idea, I can't wait!! =)

    Oh btw, I used your pen today when I was writing. I'm in absolute love with it. I think I have a new addiction. =)

  7. when's your birthday? are you aquarius like me? :)