Monday, January 25, 2010



I've received some questions over the past couple days, so I thought I'd go through them now.  I've been slacking on my latest post anyway so I figure what's a few extra minutes, right?  Here goes:

From Sophia :

1) Have you always lived in Canada?
    I have, I was born in Toronto and haven't moved from the area. I've travelled a bit through Canada, the US, Ireland and much of Europe, so I can't say I've been stuck in my own little world forever. :)

2) What is the one thing you enjoy doing the most in your spare time?
    If I had to pick ONE thing I enjoy doing most at the moment, I'd have to say writing. I have a lot I want to express.  My most consistent hobby has always been model-building, I've participated in competitions for over twenty-five years.

From Lauryn :

  What place have you enjoyed traveling to the most so far, and why?
  If you're referring to a country I'd have to say Italy.  Why?  I have a love for everything Italian.  The country, the cars, the food, the women, the history, the art, all hold a certain beauty.  I always tended to romanticize that culture, when I was there I realized why.
  If you're referring to a specific city, it's Paris hands down. Why? Paris is magical, it has an awesomely breathtaking charm that no other place anywhere has held for me.  It's very cosmopolitan, amourous, historic, cultured.  I love impressionist art, so a chance to see some of the Great Works was amazing. I left part of my heart there, and I want to go back and share all of it with Sandy.

From Cindy :

  How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll?
  What are you saying?  Is this some sort of Freudian metaphor?  Are you being naughty again?  :)

Thanks all!


  1. I love Cindy's question... hahaha!

    I have a question too... Is Sandy your first love?

  2. Hi Leah. I've known several women and had different relationships in my life (with varying degrees of affection). But I've only been deeply in love twice, the first time was when I was eighteen. Sandy and I met when I was twenty-seven.

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  4. Cool facts about you! I'm from Toronto as well.

  5. Oooooh Italy and Paris... two places on my must-visit list (when I win the lottery and can actually afford it). Greece is also on there.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm not as fashionable, witty, exciting or all-around-lovely as Liz (can you tell I have a wee bit of a girl crush? It's ok, she knows) but you're welcome to stop by any time :-)

  6. Hey Barry, thanks for visiting my blog! In response to your question my first name is Connie.

  7. I've been to Paris Ontario....not quite the same thing I guess (sigh)

  8. Girl crush on Amber is mutual.

    HI B!!!! :)

  9. I share your love of Paris. It holds something that people who haven't visited it can't understand. I NEED to go back someday. I've mentioned my love of Paris on my blog but I never did a post on my real trip there. You've inspired me to do that soon! :) Au revoir.

  10. That must be why you're fond of my blog, because I'm an Italian girl! lol. The only places I've visited in Europe so far are France and Italy and I was absolutely in love the entire time I was there. Can't wait to go back!

    Thanks for answering my question!