Sunday, January 24, 2010

This Might Put A Smile On Your Face...

(I decided to change the title of this post)
This is the best way to kick off a wedding I could possibly think of.  Life should be celebrated...

Jill and Kevin's wedding entrance
(click to link)


  1. This is cute and funny. I have either seen this recently or viewed another wedding who did something similar. Fun! :)

    PS I could SO show them all up in dancing! haha

  2. Very hilarious indeed, Barry. Thanks for sharing. But.... I don't think I want it for my wedding. Ha3 :D

  3. LOL...what's going on ??


    Great one & have little bit creativity but till now I'm thinking to make my wedding by video conference ..:D

  4. hehehe..watched it before, LOVE IT!:)
    Hope all's well with you Barry:)

  5. I LOVE that video. Did you watch The Office episode when they re-created it? Ahh...

    I'm now in love with that song, too...

  6. Cute video. :) It's a little ironic that they're asking for donations for violence prevention though when they danced to a Chris Brown song...haha.

  7. That was AWESOME! I hadn't seen it before, so thank you. It definitely put a smile on my face and got me tapping my feet. What a great way to celebrate their love!

  8. Now thats a wedding I wish I had crashed!!! =)