Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Guest Post

  My first guest post for 2010 comes from none other than Sandy, the love of my life.  She's spiced up her site "Getting Fit and Loving It" over the last couple months, no doubt due to my tremendous influence and touching humility (gag!).  She can be found here.
  I found this one pretty inspirational. 
  Here's to women!

                                It's About Confidence

I was watching an old episode of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. Tim had the woman meet with a Life Stylist (Jared) who came out with a line I absolutely fell in love with. "I cannot control how I am perceived, I can only control how I am presented." I LOVE IT! He went on to put the woman in front of two mirrors (fun house type). In the first one she was very short and squat, in the second exaggerated tall and skinny. Jared then went on to say that since we cannot control how others perceive us, we have to choose a mirror in life. So we can either choose to present ourselves in a negative light and people will definitely pick up on that, or we can choose to present ourselves as confident, self-assured and owning our look and people will be attracted to that.

Self confidence comes from within. No one else can give it to you or take it away from you. We all have to look deep inside and figure out who we are and what we want in life. We need to decide what kind of image we want to present to the world. And I don't just mean clothes, makeup, accessories. I mean the whole package. Outer as well as inner image. You know the woman ... the one who, when she walks into the room, people's heads turn. And it's as much about her self confidence as it is about what she's wearing.

So here's to confident women who know what they want and go for it. 2010 is a new year. Let's approach it with confidence and the soundtrack of our lives running through our heads. To girl power!


  1. Yeah! Girl powerrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I loved this post. Go Sandy! :))))) xoxoxo

  2. Brilliant post Sandy and so well said, you go for it girl! :)

  3. So freaking true. Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in men and women. It's just so hard to obtain sometimes...sigh.

  4. Confidence is totally key. I realized some point last year that I have self-esteem issues. I've been working on them, like today I'm wearing high-heels so i can strut better into my office. hehe. Tim Gunn is awesome & so motivating as well as you are. Thanks for the reminder Sandy!! =)

  5. Oh, the elusive Confidence. We let so many things have power over us, don't we? I totally believe we choose to let things effect how we feel about ourselves. Perhaps it's subconscious, but still. I know I did, for a very long time, never realizing that I was the one with the power.

    Nice to "meet" you, Sandy.

  6. Cheers to confidence and loving oneself from within... that's far more important than physical beauty and fashion.

    PS...Barry, it is just so hot in LA. *sobs*

  7. Barry, it's been AGES! (or what feels like ages)
    I'm so sorry I haven't been going online much lately, but i've been working, and when I wasn't working, I was catching up on some sleep.
    It's so hectic here, but I try to drop by all the same.

    Sandy, you're very talented. Yay for confidence! I've always said that confidence can make you the sexiest woman alive. You'd have that air about you, it's irresistible. I love guest posts! I'm happy I stopped by.

    Cheers x

  8. Great post! And I'll have to try that drink :D

    I just gave you an award on my blog! (since we've just became blog friends :D)

    Please check it out at www.lifeaftercollege3.blogspot.com

  9. This is so inspiring Barry. A confident woman is an attractive woman.

  10. I love every word of this post, Sandy (via Barry). You sum it up so perfectly. Now if only I could put it into practice on a daily basis!

    But practice makes perfect, right? As they say, you gotta fake it 'til you make it!

  11. PS... Barry, this is not at all connected with this post okay? But I just have to say this... Hahahahaha!


  12. Wow. I just wanted to say thank you ... firstly to my hubby for choosing this post to host.
    I'd also like to thank everyone who commented. It means so much to me when I can encourage or in any way affect someone else's life, even in the smallest way. I firmly believe that confidence is what makes all the difference.
    I must confess that my brain has been fried by the end of the day that I haven't been able to get my head around a good 200th post but I finally decided to make that post a give-away. So I'm working on the details and if I don't post Thursday, I'll have something for you Friday. Stay tuned.
    And again, thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and encouragement.
    Any Jill, thanks for the award :)