Sunday, November 15, 2009

Boo Kitty


  1. omg.. that is cute... I am more of a dog person!

  2. She/he is trying to look fierce. That's like how my dog behaves now ever since I came home. She wants to be the queen of the house. Hahaha! But the real queen has arrived home so she has to behave.

  3. these lil kitty posters always make me go AWww!! hehe.

    Omg I read the zombie comic. LOLOLOL!! Hahaha a gorilla started it all. lol. Verrry funny. I enjoyed it alot. I can't wait to show it to a friend of mine who love zombies too. Thank u!!

  4. Val, I love dogs too, you can't rough-house (play) with a cat the same way. Our lives are more suited to cats though.

    Leah, I'm not sure if the cat is a he or she. I didn't want to look that close. ;-)

    Melanie, as soon as I saw that cartoon I knew you were the person to show it to!