Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This Space Intentionally Left Blank

I have a couple things in the works but nothing finished yet, so I'm turning it over to you.  What's on your mind? 
Talk to me....


  1. Christmas is on my mind... and my kids' birthdays which are both in December. And how to win scrabble online without cheating. Hahaha!

  2. You already know what's on my mind...but let's see if I can add a few things:
    1. freaking out about how I'm going to buy Christmas presents with no money this year.
    2. Wondering when I'm going to find time to take the rest of my vacation days this year when i have SO MUCH work to do before Christmas.
    3. My hair. I want to do something different with it.
    4. I was wondering what is your skin care routine. You look FANTASTIC for a senior citizen. ;)
    5. I just realized that people reading this comment who haven't read your comment on my blog are going to think I'm a total ass for the above statement. LOL!
    6. I'm hungry.

  3. Why are people the way they are. Such scumbags. That's what's on my mind. Was blog surfing and found your blog. Nice first comment right? :)

  4. What's on my mind. How come it's the same Christmas commercials this year as last year?? hehe.

  5. Lots of stuff on my mind as always. but firstly thanks for the kind comments much appreciated! Mainly about moving, just sorting myself out a flat, getting furnishings ready and generally looking forward to the new job!

  6. @Melanie-Because Christmas is timeless

    Lots of stuff today-getting the house organized, starting a new job on Monday...

  7. You're welcome Jon!

    Great answer Tone! lol
    Oooh, new job.....