Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today's LIQUOR Award- Sweetmango

Blog: Sweetmango

Why I Love This Site: Your poetry and prose is superb, among the best I've seen anywhere. I love the soothing music that plays during my visit. You have a very peaceful, gentle soul which shows through in words that are uplifting, captivating and stirring. I aspire to write like this.

Some of my Favourite Posts: Drift Deep (Sept 12), Nothing I Would Rather Do...(Aug 30), I Am a Version of You and You Are a Version of Me (July 28)

Some of my Favourite Pics:



(from the post, "Nothing I would Rather Do", August 30). This was one of the most moving, beautifully written pieces I have ever read and I don't think I'll ever forget it. I urge all of you to read it, just be prepared to have your heartstrings tugged in a big way.

"Wish You Were Here", painted by sweetmango

"I Believe In You", written by sweetmango


  1. Incredibly wonderful of you to write such lovely thoughts about my little blogging corner of the world! What you wrote about Safa, that meant the world to me :) :) :) She is so incredibly special, I am beyond blessed to have her.
    thank you my friend

  2. What a lovely blog. I definitely need to check this one out. :)

  3. You're very welcome sweetmango, to me you're an island oasis in a sea of daily chaos.

    Jen, definitely!

  4. Marley and me stands for the the dog I never had. So, when i get married and have kids, I want a dog called marley.

    hahah. I look awful half the time ahahha, I think someone just takes great photos

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh beautiful photos!!!

  6. Val that's cool, I never knew about the dog.
    Awful? Yeah whatever, keep talkin' missy. :)

    Mila, thanks! Croatia's beautiful, BTW.

  7. That's what I call a real artist. She has the eye for taking wonderful photos and she can write well. Thanks for sharing Sweet Mango to us.

    Yeah, it seems we have the same attitude towards life... our tag lines proved it.

  8. You're welcome Leah, thanks for stopping by!