Friday, November 20, 2009

Secret Friday

"We dance around in a ring and suppose.
But the secret sits in the middle and knows."
-Robert Frost

 I love secrets, love everything about them. For me being taken aside and trusted to keep someone's most intimate thoughts safe, or finding someone with whom I can do the same is nothing short of an honour. I've had some amazing things shared that will die with me. 
  Within me is a curious fascination for whispered confidences.  And if  Post Secret (a project I've been following for some time) is any indication, I'm certainly not alone.
  Secrets can be heartbreaking.  But they can also be the spice of life.  To that end, I'm hoping we can heat things up a little and add some spice of our own.

  I proclaim today Secret Friday

  Here's how it works:

  1) This is open to anyone who wishes to participate, whether follower or visitor.
  2) Post a secret anonymously, no names please.  It can be anything from mild to wild, anything goes. All I ask is that it's true.  You can post as many as you're comfortable with.
  3) I don't plan to censor content or language.  However I do reserve the right to remove anything which appears to be posted with the sole intent of offending.  I also reserve the right not to remove content that may be considered controversial. It's a fine line sometimes. 
  4)  If you're someone who is easily offended by swearing or sexual content you may not want to read through the comments.  I have no idea where this will go and won't be reviewing comments until after they are posted.
 5)  I'll be participating as well.
 6)  Feedback directed towards me is welcome, anonymous or otherwise.
 7)  I'd like everyone to refrain from commenting on what someone else has written please; what may seem trivial to you can be very personal to someone else.  Everyone has feelings and I want to see them respected.  Inappropriate remarks will be removed.

This is the first time I've tried this . It may go over well, or may be met with shyness and receive very few comments.  But I'll never know unless I try.

Here's a secret of mine to get things started.
I have a spicy side of my own which would require a separate, very different kind of blog...


  1. I'm in love with a married man. I am married too. We were college sweethearts but we didn't end up together. We found each other again recently. What can I say? Love is lovelier the second time around. I'll leave it at that since we're still writing our story. Who knows where this will lead us?

  2. I'm not sure if this qualifies as too controversial...but it says sexual content is allowed

    The first time I masturbated was to a Mormon guy who left for his mission. I wanted to get back at him for leaving me for two years and felt like it was the best way to defile him, to make him less pure and more...human, I guess.

    But I'm religious, too. And I just felt dirty and wrong afterwards.

  3. Several years ago I went on a trip to Europe with a friend of mine. I accidentally opened the camera and exposed a roll of film containing pictures we had taken. I knew he'd be pissed, so instead I made it look like it had popped open in the travel bag. To this day he doesn't know it happened.

  4. When I was in my twenties we had a big family gathering at my aunt and uncle's house for Christmas. I ended up having a brief 'fling' with a friend of my cousin's. One night we had sex while the family slept all around us. I didn't realize until later that my other cousin was awake the whole time.
    And she reads this blog.

  5. Once I slept with three different men in a 24 hour time period without doing any of them at the same time. It was one of the sluttiest things I've ever done but it's also something I feel oddly proud of.

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  7. I forgot it was supposed to be anonymous. LOL! Oh well. I'll wait again and post my secret later. Not that's its very exciting. But I want to play the rules. ;)

  8. I find pregnant women sexy, dressed or undressed.

  9. One lazy summer afternoon I was in my apartment, ahem, pleasuring myself. I had forgotten the window washer was cooming by that day to do the windows. Oops! :)

  10. When I was younger I was so mad at this girl who was constantly hitting on my boyfriend. So I found out her address and signed her up for five different dirty magazines. When the magazines were sent to her house she got in huge trouble with her parents and they made her get counseling. I still don't regret it.

  11. When I found out my husband was cheating on me, I hacked his email accounts and then his dating accounts and I changed his profiles on those sites to state, "I'm the biggest fucking asshole in the world because I am cheating on my pregnant wife."


  12. When my partner is away, I sometimes pleasure myself with thoughts of my partner's friends, and also I think of an ex co worker.

  13. I have a weakness for redheads

  14. I have two that are similar to some mentioned already!
    I'll save one for another day.

    I have been having an affair with my daughters soccer coach for the last 4.5 years. He has paid off my car loan, sent me on a vacation with my child, and just gives me cash when he has some in his wallet. I love him for this.

  15. Due to the great response I've had here I've decided to make Secret Friday a regular feature, along with whatever else I happen to post that day.
    I appreciate everyone's comments, keep them coming!

    Warm thoughts always,


  16. I'm scared that he's the one and he doesn't want me. There was a moment in our relationship that I fell in love and it was the moment he fell out of love with me. I think he would be a great father & I'd have fun with him forever. He's been in my dreams & I can't seem to get him out of my head. I love him. It would be perfect. He's the first guy I ever thought I could marry. But he does not want me so I'm left alone and it's tearing me apart.