Sunday, November 22, 2009

Changing Direction

  August 31st marked a significant change in direction for this blog.  When I started back in March my intent was to share a quotation a day in hopes of inspiring others.  This was to be a quiet place where someone could take away a simple thought and apply it to their daily life as they saw fit.  I didn't go further than to include an occasional quotation that I had written, as I didn't want this blog to be about me.  I wanted it to be about and for others.

 Over the months my needs changed, and this blog has changed with them.  From day one I had hoped for interaction with others, and while I did get occasional feedback from some about how those quotations had inspired them, after a while it wasn't enough.  I wanted to unveil more of myself and create open dialogue in the hope of helping others see life through my eyes, and in turn see a different view of the world and myself through theirs.

  The goal of my blog has been and always will be to remain a place of compassion, optimism and hope.  Where absolutely everyone is welcome to read and voice their opinion regardless of race, age, sex or lifestyle.

   Since this turning point I've gradually met and grown to know many amazing people in all areas of the world; Canada, the US, Philippines, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Egypt, Australia, and others that escape me at the moment (please don't kill me if I missed you!).  I'm endlessly inspired by what I've read on other people's sites and they serve to keep me going on days when I feel a bit down, which I'm happy to say is rarely these days.

  So, for those of you who have been following along since the start, I know you've seen a big change here but hopefully you still get something from it.  If it no longer suits what you're looking for, it will truly be a shame to see you go but I hope you understand this is what I've been needing.  I can honestly say at this point I'm happier and more hopeful than I have been in a long, long time.

  I cherish my life more than ever and all of you reading have been a huge part of that.  More than you realize, much more than I can explain.  I've started some new friendships and I can't wait to get to know all of you better. You inspire me in so many ways.

  Life is such an amazing journey.


  1. Yay! You didn't miss me!! :)

    Or so I hope... ;)

    Life IS an amazing journey, and you inspire in so many ways too.

    I can't wait to go check out your comments, a gesture that is very endearing :)


  2. Well, I'm glad this blog changed direction and led you to me. :) I am so happy we have become BBs. Your blog is an inspiration and a bright spot in my day. I always enjoy learning more about you and everything you have to say. Oh, and all your hilarious stories and awesome photos!

  3. Change is always for the better. keep doing what you do best and inspire us. :)

  4. Barry, do what your heart tells you to do. I'm here and I don't intend to leave. I love reading your blog. And I love that we share the same views about life.

  5. I always hoped you would start to write rather than just publish quotations. You're an amazing guy with a heart the size of Texas and so much give. I'm just thankful I get to receive more than anyone else :)

    Keep up the wonderful writing hon.

  6. Things change and life changes constantly. Just because your blog shifts from it's original purpose, doesn't mean it's a bad thing. I feel mine (
    is going in a different direction from when I started. But it still has it's purpose, just like yours. I'm feeling very optimistic and hopeful myself, a big change for me...
    Write On, Bud!!!

  7. i adore this!
    thanks for sharing darling
    and thanks for the sweet comments

    check out my blog @

  8. I'm glad you made this blog more your own. Your a very talented writer & you can express emotion with your words. You've really created a virtual identity of yourself, which i think is amazing. I at first too wasn't sure on the direction of my blog, say too much or say too little about myself, but isn't it more fun to have a lil heart in your posts? Keep up the good work!! We'll be waiting for your next cool post.

  9. Thanks everybody! It's much appreciated, as always. =)

  10. I enjoy your blog more now because it is more personal and relatable.

    BTW, I say this even though I haven't written much in mine lately - though the kids-related blog has gotten some action --