Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guest Post

Today I've decided to do something a bit different and host a guest blogger. The post below was written by Louis van der Merwe on his site, "Pursuit of Something Real". Sandy introduced me to Louis' blog (this post in particular), and it resonated with me enough that I was motivated to contact him. He has graciously allowed me to reprint it.

I highly recommend dropping by Louis' site for a visit; he can be linked here.

Here's the post as it appeared on his blog, Friday October 30th...


"Why did you do that?” he stares fiercely at her. She drops her head in shame. “I don’t know.” Slowly he shakes his head in disapproval. “That’s not good enough. I need to know why you did it.”

As she stares at him her shame turns to contempt. “Because I wanted to. Because I felt like it. Who are you to tell me how to act?”He gets up and walks away. Just before he leaves he looks back: “I can’t tell you how to act, I just didn’t think you would do anything like that”


We create personas in our minds of the people we know. When there’s disconnect between that persona and the actual person, we can hurt the ones we love. When someone acts different to what you expect of them, before you judge them, judge your persona of them. If the persona you created doesn’t reflect their true nature, change your vision of them to fit in with who they are instead of trying to change them to fit into your vision of who you think they are.


Thanks Louis for your consideration in letting me share this post. Text and photo are courtesy of 'Pursuit of Something Real' and should not be reproduced without express consent of the owner of that site.


  1. Great guest post. And so, so true. It's so easy to create an illusion of someone in our head, so when they do something that doesn't fit how we see them, it's so easy to get hurt and shocked. I'll admit, I've been guilty of that on occasion...sigh.

  2. I think most of us can say that Jen. I know it's happened to me more than once.

  3. EXACTLY!!!! I've been very blinded by a mess of guy who would put out a fake persona to people then I would forget about the real ugly person underneath. I got fooled by the fake person. I will no longer be that fool.

  4. I love this!! Your blog is really cool (:

  5. http://listen.grooveshark.com/song/Whatcha+Say/22991150

    This should be interesting to you, if you like Hide and Seek. It was fun to listen to, even though it is NOT my kinda music scene. Enjoy!

  6. Wonderful post, scary to think how true a statement it is and the good advice contained.

  7. Beth, thanks for the compliment and congrats on your novel!

    Melanie, I admire the determination you've shown and I'm following your journey with interest.

    Mae thanks for that, I never thought I'd be read in Egypt. Very cool!

    Jon, if you like this post I think you'll love Louis' site!

  8. Thank you for the comment. It made me smile today so much & Sandy's comment. Of course you can use the picture of the sunset. I still can't beleive I saw that. I swear that photo isn't even photoshopped! =)

  9. crackberry anonymous.

    I am their star member!! hahahahha