Saturday, November 21, 2009

Through Your Eyes

Someone leaves your life. Do you cry because those times have ended or smile because they happened?
The sun shines. Do you cover your eyes or bask in its warmth?
A baby cries. Do you cover your ears or rejoice in life reborn?
Clouds thunder. Do you run for shelter or wait to play in the rain?

Do you eat up life or do you let life consume you?


  1. Great questions. I'm not too sure I'm very happy with my honest answers. :S

  2. Jen, sometimes a person with a different point of view can help you with that. If you let them.

  3. These questions made me think... I am a positive person. I never let failures affect my disposition. I always say this, "there's always sunshine after the rains". I love life so much and at my age, I can't afford to dwell on the negative. I take everything that life has to offer with open arms.

  4. Very interesting questions! Always the spice of life, personally its number 1 that has always caused me problems - I'm incredibly thankful for the times that have happened but regret them ending. Its getting some control over your life thats the most important!

  5. The way I see things, very few people can maintain this outlook on life all the time. I don't think anyone expects it, I know I don't.
    I wrote this post as more of an attitude check than anything, a reminder that we all need to step back and make sure we're keeping things in perspective. It's far too easy to get wrapped up in the small things.

    As for crying babies, my reaction to that is one of the things I need to work on most! ;-)

  6. ...I should say by that I mean actually seeking life and looking forwards on the positive side!

  7. Oh I can honestly say I'm being consumed by life. I need to work on it. My glass seems half empty instead of half full some days.