Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Day Out

I realized today that although I've had my blog since March I've never taken a photojournalist's approach to outline the day's events. And I'm not entirely sure why; maybe I wasn't sure how interesting it would come across. Yet I've really enjoyed what I've read from all of you, so today I decided to do something a little different.

After 'planning' to go for the past seventeen years, Sandy and I finally made it down to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair yesterday. It's mainly a trade show, featuring wine and food shopping as well as livestock, machinery, and food displays. Entertainment includes a rodeo, horse show, dog show ('Superdogs'), and petting zoo. I was looking for the heavy-petting zoo, but was told that's a different show entirely. *wink*

We met up with our friends Jen and Dave and meandered through the show, hitting tons of vendors and generally goofing around. At one point we arrived at the Superdogs display. This is a high-energy show featuring extensively trained dogs and always draws major crowds. A friend of our family, Herb Williams, had been running this show for thirty three years. I asked one of the guys at the table outside the show if Herb was still involved and he said yes he is; turned out the man I spoke with is his son, whom I hadn't seen for about thirty years. It was a great surprise.

Here's our day in photos:

our train arrives

quick shot of the platform at Toronto's Union Station

the CN Tower (Toronto's greatest landmark, our equivalent of the Opera House in Sydney or San Fran's Golden Gate Bridge)

Sandy, my 'fly girl'. She picked up this really cute hat, only ten bucks and she rocks the look!

Sandy (left), Jen (middle), Dave (right)

How gorgeous are these? Sandy bought two.

Anyone for some tasty alligator?

How 'bout some yummy kangaroo?


Clydesdale (he was gorgeous!!)

Of course there's always time for fun...

The Goat Whisperer

And on every outing it seems there's always the picture that got away. In this case it was the wonderfully tacky baby-blue sweater with glittery snowmen. A true bargain at only $75.00. For some reason everyone refused to take a photo of me in it. Bummer.

By the way, for those of you outside Canada who think we're digging ourselves out of snow twelve months of the year, it was about 64 degrees and we were outside in our short sleeves. In November!

What a great day to be alive!


  1. ahahahhah grosssss.... alligator...

    actually I want some llama jerky plsssss

  2. I love these photos. You really did a good job telling the story through them. That picture of Sandy in the red hat is adorable! I love it. And I love all the pictures of the animals, especially the bunny. :)
    The photos of you are HILARIOUS, especially the one where you're talking to the goat and the one of you in the hat. Hehe.

    Looks like you guys had a great time. I love fairs.

    PS. I gave you a shout out on my blog. :)

  3. Nice photos, though I should say you've blown my image of Canada... shirtsleeves (and no snow) in November sounds positively Caribbean compared to the UK right now!

  4. Sorry Val, they were fresh out of llama jerky. ;)

    Jen, thanks for that you're awesome!

    Jon, I'm glad to shatter that illusion. We actually do get sun up here!

  5. Hahaha well aren't you a character. Love the pictures. That hat cracks me up. I love going to fairs, there is so much to see, so much to do. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! I didnt realize you were in Canada!! I love Canada. I want to go to Toronto one day, but I'm not trying any of those weird meats. heh. So did the goat have anything good to say? lol. =)

  6. Melanie, the goat told me I'm lucky to have all you guys as BB's (blogging buddies). :)

  7. Really enjoyed the pics, they cracked me up!! Reminds me of the old days. Thanks Barry, you always cheer me up.

  8. PS Check out the lurker woman at the counter of the last photo. She's probably saying "WTF is with this guy...." If she only knew.....