Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All I Wanted


Here's a song I wrote in December of last year. It's only half-finished (I haven't produced the music for it yet). I've written it as a dance piece so the lyrics are more superficial than I'd use in a ballad.

All I Wanted

Was a time
Warmed by whispered breezes
Sunrise with you by my side.

Moonlit skies
Blissful nights wrapped up in you, when
You were all I had.

Through all my days
Your stained glass window coloured rays
Of love rained down on me.

Rained on me…

But now you run
Hope something maybe someone
Fills that space that burns inside.

All that’s left
A thousand words unspoken
Lying broken at my feet.

And all you were
And all that I imagined
So much more than you could see.

To let you know
Was all I ever wanted.
Looking back
I never thought that it would be so
Hard to let you go.

Those pictures have all shattered
Lying scattered at my feet.

Held on too long
I fell too far, you flew too high
To ever come back down.

To let you go
Was all you ever wanted
All you ever wanted.

To have you near
Was all I ever wanted
All I ever wanted...

And you’re not here.

I remember
Those days in my life
You were music
You played for me………

Intellectual property copyright Barry O'Shea. All rights reserved.


  1. Wow... check you out! That's absolutely amazing:))) I got the girlie giggles now!

  2. Beautiful words. My favorite part of music is the lyrics. It could sound wonderful but if the lyrics aren't good, the song is ruined for me.

    I'd listen to this song on repeat.

  3. Tony, thanks bud!

    Cindy, I don't know if I've inspired girlie giggles for a while but I presume it's a favourable reaction? :)

    Melanie, thanks so much for that. I think I'm on the right track with this one.