Friday, September 18, 2009

Cats and Massages

Okay, this isn't actually about giving cats massages. I mean if you're into that I guess it's great and everything, I'm not sure if I'd want to hear about it though. I'm just putting these two topics together because they're a bit short to stand on their own and they actually tie together (eventually).

On Wednesday evening I had the misfortune of slipping on a wet floor that had been mopped but not signed. You know the kind of slip, a very unexpected jolt where you instinctively stop yourself from going down. It probably would have been better if I just let myself awkwardly drop to the floor like a sack of wet mice.

As a result I was left with a pull in my upper back muscles and a rather interesting, slight kink in my neck. Thursday it was off to work, by Friday morning it was much more noticeable so I took the day off work and went for a therapeutic massage. The legitimate kind. Can't get a neck adjustment until Tuesday.

I've never stopped to list the five greatest pleasures in life, but massage has to be in there somewhere. Some people have never had it, amazingly there are those who just don't like to be touched and can't relax enough to appreciate it. (I've had conversations with my RMT about this). I'll never understand it, but to each their own I guess. An hour on the table seemed to help a fair bit.

After I got home it was into a hot bath with epsom salts and suds. Yeah, I'll admit it, I like bubble baths. There I said it. This is something that most guys would never admit to; you'll never hear the topic mixed in with the latest sports conversations. But I don't discuss sports much anyway, so maybe the same rules don't apply.

So there I am soaking in a tub of hot water, eyes closed. All of a sudden Dante (our one year-old black domestic shorthair) decides to start licking my big toe. Now, being nearly six feet tall it's almost impossible for me to find a tub in which I could comfortably stretch out; this necessitates some rather interesting underwater yoga-like poses to keep my extremeties submerged.

The toe-licking makes it kinda hard to relax. Once the chewing starts I shoo him away. This is soon followed by batting the shower curtain, and subsequently almost knocking my plastic glass full of ice cold water all over me.

God made cats cute so we don't kill them.


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would love to go for a "real" massage (I've worked on trying to get T. better at giving them but, it's a work-in-progress).

    My concern is -- have you seen that episode of Friends where Phoebe is giving Monica the massage and Monica is having an *ahem* intense reaction?

    Yeah, that's why I'm too scared to go get a real one... since that's about how I actually react to one that's done really well.


    And yes, that is why cats AND children are cute...

  2. Not an uncommon reaction. Let's face it, even therapeutic massage is an intimate experience.

    I don't recall having that response so far, touch wood (lol). What I like is that depending on my mood it can make for very relaxed conversation.

  3. I added a kitty picture to my blog just now because of your stories. I actually spent the day with Brian's kitties today... so cute:)))))

    Toe licking, eh? Interesting...

    Oh, and I'm one of those people that doesn't care much for massages UNLESS I know you. I don't know, it's kind of weird and I can't relax. But if we're acquainted bring it on!

  4. I saw the cat picture, lollipop huh? Cats will eat pretty much anything, it seems.

    Most people can't relax into a massage with a stranger. Not weird at all Cindy, there's a huge amount of trust involved. :)