Saturday, September 12, 2009

Meet 'the kids'




"Dogs have masters but cats have staff."

As someone who has had both, I was always amused by this statement because it's so true. The comparison has been done to death so I won't elaborate on it, but for a good laugh check out Bill Cosby's routine.

Throughout my life I never felt the desire to have children. Sandy was on the fence about it when we started dating, but as our relationship progressed and the time came to talk about the subject, we were soon in agreement.

I was always a 'dog person'. Still love them, but our schedule isn't condusive to owning one. The thing is, I never felt the desire to have cats either. Never liked them. I remember the first time I was at Sandy's place when we were dating and saw this meowbox wrapped in white fur at the bottom of the stairs. It was then I realized that if we were to continue seeing each other I'd have to take him as part of the package. "Love me, love my cat," as the expression goes. So I did. Gradually, like a fungus, the little guy grew on me.

Eventually we all moved in together and I accepted that every inch of my stuff would forever more be covered in a layer of loose cat fur. Fast forward to today and we're proudly owned by three of the little critters. (A short while ago we had to put Mandy, our sixteen-year-old tortoiseshell, down. So I think now we're safely outside the boundary of 'crazy cat people' territory).

Amazing how an animal can make its way into your heart.


  1. I grew up with both dogs and cats. I love the is so true! For instance, my mom's cat likes to drink out of the water cup in the bathroom. He expects you to fill the cup for him and place it on the counter so that he is able to access it. What's worse is that now, he won't drink the water unless he sees you empty the cup and refill it with fresh water.

    Oh, he drools too (off topic but too strange not to include)

  2. O.M.G.

    Why hadn't you shared this before?!?! They're sooooo cute!!! They totally won you over... because they're so cute with their whiskers and their purring. Aaaawwww - I likey the kids.

  3. If you like those I have more. :)