Friday, September 11, 2009

List of Tens

I'm not sure where this came from (where does anything in my brain come from?), but here's a quick list of tens. In no particular order:

Ten things on my bucket list:

1) Visit Australia
2) Scuba dive
3) Save someone's life ( I had an incredible dream about this a few nights ago)
4) Own a Porsche
5) Drive something 200 mph. Try not to die in the process.
6) Ride a horse again. Try to stay on and have a favourable experience this time
7) Make it back to Paris. Bring a translator.
8) Write at least one really great song (preferably a ballad)
9) Do another stand-up routine
10) TBD Suggestions? :)

Ten ballads that I won't admit to my guy friends I like (but I'll tell the whole world about here instead. Duh.)

1) I'll Be-Edwin McCain
2) Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
3)High- James Blunt
4)You Want Me To- Sarah McLachlan
5)Possession- Sarah McLachlan
6) The Scientist- Coldplay
7) The Sound Of- Jann Arden
8) Sleepless- Jann Arden
9) All We are- One Republic
10) Nature's Law- Embrace

Ten hip-hop songs I can't get enough of:

1) Four Minutes- Madonna/Justin Timberlake
2) The Way I Are- Timbaland
3) 'Bout It- Yung Joc
4) Tilt Ya Head Back- Nelly f. Christina Aguilera
5) Alienated- Keri Hilson
6) Fire Burnin'- Sean Kingston
7) Throw it on Me- Timbaland f. The Hives
8) Ante Up- M.O.P.
9) Church- T-pain
10) Hotel Room Service- Pitbull (okay maybe he's rap, but this tune has more of a hip-hop feel)

More tens to come.....

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