Sunday, September 13, 2009


Written after midnight, dedicated to Sandy.


The sun asleep
Through midnight's chill
My head laid
Upon pillow still
My inner shadows calm.

Curtain flutters
Through careless window
And carried
On a whispered breeze
Your voice comes to me in a Nightsong.

I'll comfort you,
Wrap my words around your naked soul.
As we lie entwined,
Our hands building reasons
To hold off the dawn.

But dawn soon awakes
And paints the canvas of the morning sky
With broad strokes of brilliant fire.

Careless window invites the day.

Shimmering rays of gold
Dance in celebration.
Shadows play
Upon thin sheets that cling to your form.
You stir,
Turn and smile.
And I know
This is where I belong.

Intellectual property copyright Barry O'Shea. All rights reserved.


  1. Your poem is beautiful. I know that great song you want to write is lingering deep inside you and eventually will find its way out so keep writing.


  2. Thanks LeeAnn, that's sweet. I wrote most of this last night. My mind goes to a completely different place in the early hours of the morning; I find it difficult to write something like this during the day.


  3. I'm not sure just what I did to deserve you, but I'll take it.
    I love are the best.

  4. Aaaawwwww... very sweet....and kind of naughty:) You go Sandy.

  5. Sandy, what can I say? *big blush* I love you.

    Cindy, it's passionate and sweet with just a hint of minty-fresh naughtiness.