Friday, September 4, 2009

How Cool is This, Huh?

Morning rush-hour traffic. Highway 401 West-bound, baby. Years ago during a performance-driving course my instructor told me this highway in Ontario, Canada is the worse he's ever driven in North America. Worse that LA, worse than new York or anywhere else. No matter, I actually quite enjoy the drive. It definitely sharpens your senses.

So there I am, feeling rather like a lemming with a driver's license (except my destination was much more favourable than the bottom of a cliff, as I enjoy my job immensely). It's a gorgeous morning and I'm surrounded by my fellow lemmings on the way to work in their lemmingmobiles. The wind is blowing through my non-existant hair, an anthemic trance instrumental playing on the stereo with requisite overkill on the bass, courtesy of moi. And the thought sets into my tiny-man brain: "How cool is this blog thing?"

Really. I mean here's a chance to talk with anyone, anywhere in the world about anything, at any time. Yeah , I know there are many venues for this type of communication (Facebook, Twitter etc.). But these pages are the only outlet I've chosen, my chance to reach out to others in the blogosphere and hopefully either connect through shared experiences and similar opinions or engage in healthy discussion about why we see things the way we do and why we may disagree.

At this point in my life I've come to value conversation more than ever. People fascinate me, and although we may come from different walks of life I think deep down we're really not all that different. The chance to make friends through blogging is a bittersweet experience. I'm thankful for the opportunity to meet those I never would otherwise, yet somewhat saddened that we'll never be able to sit down over a drink or a cup of coffee, shake hands or hug.

It amazes me that people who would keep their secrets and innermost thoughts hidden 'in real life' are so willing to lay themselves bare before others on their pages. I think the relative anonymity of the blogosphere to an extent tends to break down walls, and provides an inward glimpse of others far greater than their defences would otherwise allow in one-on-one conversation.

What I've read as I've touched upon souls in all reaches of the world (from the comfort of my studio) is writing that is forthcoming and veiled, passionate and reserved, beautiful and ugly, uplifting and heartbreaking. Yet so much of it is brutally, beautifully honest.

I believe very strongly that we are the sum of those we meet. I think this is a great chance to expand upon who we are, and maybe find out a bit more about ourselves along the way. What an amazing journey this is.


(Incidentally the above pic is Melbourne, Australia, near where a good blogging friend of mine resides. Hi Anna!)

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