Sunday, September 20, 2009

Inspiring Moments

Since my post in which I looked back on some of the more interesting things I've done over the years, I've received terrific feedback from some of you about the greatest moments in your lives.

In particular, I'm publishing with permission an e-mail I received from a family member. I feel very privileged that she's allowed me to post it here, and thought some of you may like to read it as her courage and determination have been an inspiration to me through the years.

Here it is, almost verbatim (I've removed some of the specifics to maintain anonymity):

Hi Barry,

This got me to thinking of some of my proudest moments. In no particular order, I would have to say...

-saving a person who would have drowned
-shaving my head and inspiring my whole ATC unit to do the same, raising $10K in response to learning that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer
-taking a mule trip into the Grand Canyon
-leaving a very well-paying job to move to the US with a man I had dated for 18 months from two separate continents (hell, how about dating a man for 18 months from two separate continents)
-judged a karaoke bar night as a cancer fund-raiser
-divorced my abusive first husband
-travelled throughout Europe with my best friend, a tent and my dog
-bought a car all by myself
-dealt with my first dog dying all by myself
-went through brain surgery and 25 radiation treatments with grace (I believe)

Wow...I didn't know there were that many moments!! I'm sure I'm forgetting a few but this list has made me quite proud of myself.

Thanks so much for sharing that with us hon, I love you!
Hope to hear from more of you, here or by private e-mail. It's always inspiring!



  1. WOW. I always admired her but I guess i either didn't know or had forgotten about the number of radiation treatments. She really is a remarkable woman...

  2. You're lucky pal. I've never done anything even remotely interesting in my life. Just one long bore....

  3. Yeah, but you met US! How exciting is that, huh?

    Seriously, if you sat down and started writing you'd come up with some.