Tuesday, September 22, 2009



This poem isn't about any one person. It's written for those among us who feel lost sometimes, who can't quite trust enough to let another in.

I hope in time that day comes for you.


May I be this bold
To chip away a piece of mortar
In the wall
Which surrounds you,
That I may peer in just a little
And let the light
Melt away
Some of your darkness.

Your glance betrays
Guarded secrets;
How you answer ghosts
Who call your name.
Your Self
Is your strongest weakness.

Still by your side I'll sit,
Take your hand in mine
And read of your life untold
While I wait
For you to become
Who you are.

Intellectual property copyright Barry O'Shea. All rights reserved.


  1. I think you've missed your calling ... or found a new career between the music, the lyrics and the poetry. I always new I was the luckiest woman alive....

  2. Thanks hon, for always being supportive. :)


  3. Beautiful. You should write a book of poetry. You definitely have a gift for writing. I like this poem very much. =)

  4. Love that photo! This is a great poem too. You are very talented. How long have you been writing poetry? You should be published, if you aren't already. :)

  5. Thanks so much Melanie. I have a fair amount that I've written over the years, some of it now seems pretty superficial but I'm fairly happy with what I'm writing these days.

  6. Hi Jen (can I call you Jen?)

    I've been writing since I was in Grade 4 (I think I still have that poem). I graduated to more serious prose in my late teens. I haven't been published, never gave it much thought really. But I've had some good feedback lately.

    Thanks very much for your kind words!

  7. Excellent work. Really enjoyed the pictures it painted in my mind :>

  8. Stop making thing about stuff... ugh.

    You know there's a stupid song my Avril Lavigne (who could be my daughter but anyhoo...) that always gives me the teary eyes: "I'm With You."

    I'm not sure how that relates to this, but id did a second ago so there...Now you know my sappy secret.

  9. Thanks S.C. I love anything that evokes visual imagery so I'm glad that's what you got from it.

    Cindy, weird perhaps but it's pretty awesome that this brought you back to something that gets you teary-eyed. :)